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'Saving Grace' saves Jake

Everyone's dog is the best dog in the world, to them.  But every once in a great while there's that one dog who connects with your soul in such a way that it becomes impossible to describe to someone else who hasn't already experienced it.  That dog is your soul dog and they are very rare.  Jake was the rescued German Shepherd mix who came into my life when he was just a pup.  He became my soul dog and my only child.  He was always with me 24/7, including the times he decided to leave me enough room to sleep in my own bed. You wouldn't think a medium size dog could take up a whole king size bed on his own, but he did! Lol

You've heard the expression "when it rains it pours" and that's because we've all been there.  The worst possible time for something as tragic as your soul dog being diagnosed with a rare type of terminal cancer is when you're laid off from work and flat broke.  After selling everything I owned to pay for Jake's surgery I still came up short.  A pet adoption company, Saving Grace in Roseburg, OR, heard about my situation and decided to help.  They had a very tight budget at the time, but offered to pay the difference.  The amount they offered me was more than they had ever offered anyone before that.  Needless to say I was moved to tears.  Thanks to them, Jake got the operation he needed.  Upon his surgery being performed with absolute precision, Jake was able to beat his small odds by making a full recovery.  After beating cancer he not only chased tennis balls on 3 legs without even slowing down a tiny bit, but he also doubled his years on this planet by living until his natural old age of 14.

My blessings with Jake continued as I shared my life with him for the remainder of his long (but not long enough) natural life.  He blessed the lives of all who met him by sharing his charismatic personality, his thousands of different 'human like' expressions, and his ability to love beyond comprehension.  As a dog lover I can appreciate and love every dog I come across, but there will never ever be a replacement for Jake.  Half of the years I spent with him I owe to those who came to our aid when we were in most need. 

Which is exactly why we are giving back by donating from every single sale that we make to Saving Grace in Roseburg, OR.  If you're curious about how your dog can help another pet in need of rescue and love, all you need to do is use the following hashtag: #pawswithheartsproject whenever you share a picture of your dog on our Facebook fan page, and we will make a weekly selection of a lucky winner to receive a free T-shirt of your choice, plus a $50 donation to Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center in Roseburg, OR in the name of your pet!

We wish to send our best wishes and nothing but love to all dogs, and those who help them:)  Thanks for checking us out!