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The Love Connection...

There is something so special about our pups... a soul connection! When I met Atticus I never really understood or had experienced this connection before. I was not prepared for the deep love and comfort that was about to begin or how it would impact my life. This fella is loyal, he never fails to be there for me, he is excited when I am happy and he comforts me when I am blue. If you are anything like me you likely have experienced the same thing with your fur baby!

We believe if our dogs could, they would help each other as well, that is why we are launching our Paws with Hearts Project ( #pawswithheartsproject ) because we believe from one paw to the other, one rescue to another and one pup to another, we can make a difference in this world and give a voice to these loyal creatures who know no end of love in their hearts.

We want to nurture the bond, honor dogs everywhere and support our fellow friends while creating opportunities to provide for other humans and their soul dogs. As far as we are concerned everyone should have this type of love and support in their life!

If you're curious about how your dog can help another pet in need of rescue and love, all you need to do is use the following hashtag:  #pawswithheartsproject whenever you share a picture of your dog on our Facebook fan page, and we will make a weekly selection of a lucky winner to receive a free T-shirt of your choice, plus a $50 donation to Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center in Roseburg, OR in the name of your pet!

We wish to send our best wishes and nothing but love to all dogs, and those who help them:)  Thanks for checking us out!